LensMagic is a nifty little utility for Mac OSX that allows you to have the correct lenses assigned to your photos in Adobe Lightroom as well as the right lens correction for every lens, even the non-compliant ones. It automagically assigns lens types, models, makes and lens correction settings through a rule base by looking at the existing exif tags, so that upon import, Lightroom will detect the lens, and set the lens correction values automatically. Also, you will be able to filter by lens model, and you won't get the "---" lens model anymore.

You can test photos for existing exif data by dropping files onto the dropzone:

From the existing exif data, you can then create a rule that sets the used lens model, make and type, as well as the lens correction profile to be used by Adobe Lightroom:

Once you are happy with your rule base, you can process photos in bulk, either modifying them in place, or by letting LensMagic copying them into a separate folder:

Adobe Lightroom will now recognize your lens and set the lens correction automatically upon import.

LensMagic relies on the open source ExifTool by Phil Harvey to process image exif data. LensMagic is copyright by Jérôme Bei, all rights reserved. This tool is provided as-is, and there is no guarantee whatsoever, you'll have to use it at your own risk. Also, there is no support and no guarantee the utility will be developed any further.

You can download LensMagic here: LensMagic